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The Grind!

We're often asked if it's better for us grind your coffee ahead of time -or- keep it whole bean until ready to be brewed. Well, that depends! Most often, we'd err on the side of grinding the coffee as close to the brew time as possible. BUT! If you are using a blade grinder (AKA spice know that thing that's like a helicopter chopping your coffee up) we would prefer that you have us grind it.

Why do we say that?

Simply put, blade grinders are extremely random with how they grind your coffee and you'll likely get very inconsistent results. Your coffee may taste great one day and then too weak another day, too bitter on this day, too sour on that day, etc. If you'd prefer to grind your coffee at home, we strongly recommend that you purchase a reputable burr grinder. Burr grinders offer consistency and will vastly improve both the taste of your coffee and the integrity of the brew.

Too expensive? Not necessarily. Obviously, you could spend literally thousands of dollars on a coffee grinder, but there are many that would do a consistent job for under $50. A lot of spice grinders cost in the neighborhood of $30, anyway. We have seen electric burr grinders start in that range. While we do not endorse any particular brand of burr grinders, we would suggest that you first consider how much you are willing to invest in your coffee experience and then find the best grinder in the range that you feel comfortable with. Many stores provide customer reviews which give real world assessments from personal experience.

As always, we welcome your questions and comments anytime. Happy brewing, folks!

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