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Sacred Grounds - coffee beans

We are Sacred Grounds Coffee Roasters of Sherman, CT. Nestled among the Candlewood Valley hills, at the northern-most part of Fairfield County, our small company is a strong supporter of local businesses and sustainable products. We are a 100% Organically-sourced and Fair Trade business. We choose only the finest green specialty coffee beans from our suppliers and roast them to perfection using our state-of-the-art infrared coffee roaster.


The roasting process is done in what we like to call "micro-batches" to ensure freshness and consistency. Then, the beans are carefully packaged to preserve freshness so that you get a superb cup of coffee when brewing at home or at your business. We recommend that you grind our beans only when ready to brew to get the best results. Our packages are good for storing beans, but we strongly suggest using containers that vacuum seal the freshness in - which we sell in our store and online.


Why Sacred Grounds?  Glad you asked!  Our company name is a play on words, obviously.


First, the grounds are the final destination of the coffee beans' long journey -- and perhaps the most critical part!  Did you know that just 15 minutes after you grind the beans, they begin to lose their robust flavor? Packaged ground coffee, by definition, can't be truly fresh! The grinding of beans should be saved until the last possible moment before brewing! Don't settle for packaged ground coffee! Consider buying fresh-roasted whole beans from us and taste the difference!


Secondly, we are a company with a conscience and a purpose. We are committed to a low impact on our beautiful world. From the sourcing of our beans, to our roasting process, to our packaging -- it's all designed for low impact on our environment.  As we mentioned earlier, we only source Organic and Fair Trade coffee beans. Organics are better for you and for those you share your coffee with. Fair Trade standards ensure that coffee farmers, their workers and their sustainable efforts are justly compensated.


Sacred Grounds is the embodiment of these two very important principles.

Our goals go well beyond roasting and packaging great coffee. We believe that Organic and Fair Trade coffee should be accessible to all. We strive to price our products fairly so that everyone can enjoy them. Whenever possible, we donate our coffee to local charities and organizations that serve the underprivileged. Finally, we are committed to being good stewards of our environment and to leaving behind a better world for our children. Therefore, we only use Earth-friendly packaging for our retail coffee products. 

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