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Q: Which of your coffees are Organic?

A: All of them.

Q: Which of your coffees are Fair Trade?

A: All of them.

Q: Why don’t you have any French Roast coffee listed in your offerings?

A: We believe that French Roast coffee is over-roasted. Over-roasting introduces too much carbon and erases the unique identity of each coffee — it also causes it to be too bitter and potentially coats the roasting drum with bitter oils that affect other batches. We also feel that it is a disservice to the specialty grade coffees that we procure. We offer carefully dark-roasted coffees that we think you’ll enjoy much more.

Q: Do you have any flavored coffees in bulk?

A: No, we don’t flavor our bulk coffee. However, each origin of coffee and our coffee blends have nuances and some of the nuances are so pronounced, you might perceive that they are flavored. The cupping notes are descriptors, not flavorings.

Q: Do you ship your coffee?

A: We ship to all 50 states and many US territories and military POs.

Q: Do you make deli sandwiches and fresh pastries?

A: No, we are not a deli. We are first and foremost a coffee roastery / manufacturer that happens to sell cups of coffee and espresso drinks. We are not zoned / approved for cooking at this time. We do, however, carry many pre-packaged snacks and pastries from local partners on a limited basis!

Q: What does “Drink it Black” mean?

A: We encourage our customers to try our coffees without any additives to experience the coffee’s truest identity.

Q: What is the “Drink it Black Challenge”?

A: Try drinking OUR coffee for 7 days without additives. We’re pretty sure that you won’t go back. If you make it the entire 7 days we’ll give you 5% off your next bulk coffee purchase. No pressure, of course.

Q: Why are some coffees more expensive than others?

A: Our pricing is based proportionately with our cost of procurement of raw coffee and its processing. Simply stated; some coffees cost us more than others. That is reflected in the end price.


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