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Quick post about coffee storage here...

Conventional wisdom would suggest that it's a great idea to store coffee in your fridge or freezer, right? We say, please don't.


Coffee is an excellent odor and taste absorber. Consider this; you have fresh garlic or basil that you are storing in your refrigerator. Well, coffee, if not stored completely airtight, will likely inherit some of those aromas and/or flavors. Unless, you're into garlic flavored coffee, then, well, you know... Another thing to consider; you're placing your coffee in a cold environment. Then, you move it to room temperature. Any moisture in the air will cling to your cold coffee beans or grounds and begin to degrade it.

"But won't the cold temperatures preserve the coffee?" Most articles written about this suggest, especially on the subject of freezing your coffee, that it will actually will dry it out.

The take away? If you are to remember anything, just remember this:

Light and air are the enemies of coffee.

Store your coffee in an airtight container and store it, in the dark, at room temperature. That seems to be the best way to keep coffee at its freshest.

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